Thank you for visiting our Estate Planning information center. Our firm provides residents of Warren, Woodbridge, Edison, and other nearby communities with quality resources for Estate Planning. Our Estate Planning firm is dedicated to providing high quality legal services to the New Jersey area. We focus on Estate Planning services such as Wills, Living Trusts, GLBT Planning, Special Needs Planning, as well as Trust Administration and Probate assistance. We also offer services in Elder Law and Medicaid Planning. Whatever your situation, our Warren, New Jersey Estate Planning attorneys can customize an Estate Plan that addresses every situation you can face.

Estate Planning: Preserving Your Estate through a Sound Estate Plan

Our Warren, New Jersey Estate Planning attorneys can draft an Estate Plan to address every aspect of your financial and familial situation. Whether in the form of a Will, Trusts, Special Needs planning, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, or all the above, you can rest assure that our qualified Estate Planning attorneys will work hard to preserve your estate against any situation.

Medicaid Planning and Nursing Home Planning

No family member should be faced with the prospect of looming financial pressures that come from extended nursing home and other long-term health care costs. By working with a Warren, New Jersey Estate Planning attorney, you can protect your financial wealth, by setting Medicaid triggers, which puts into motion the shift of asset titles from the incapacitated to someone else. This aspect of Medicaid Planning allows you to legally qualify for Medicaid, without having to deplete your estate.

Our attorneys understand Elder Law and know that the process of Medicaid Planning and Nursing Home Planning can be intimidating. Too many families are unprepared for the extended process and expense that is involved in providing adequate care for those they love. By including Medicaid and Nursing Home Planning in your Estate Plan, you can be assured you will receive the kind of care you desire even if you become legally incapacitated.

Trust Administration

Trust Administration is the process of managing a Trust based on the Trust instructions. Our Warren, New Jersey Estate Planning attorneys can help you review the Trust, inventory the assets, and deal with complex estate tax law issues, helping you to avoid messy estate administration.


If you’ve been designated as Executor of an estate in Probate, our Warren, New Jersey Probate attorneys can help you with the Probate process. Probate is the legal process of paying the final debts and taxes of a deceased person, and through which that person’s remaining property is distributed. If there is a Will, the Probate court must review the validity of the Will and distribute property in accordance with the Will document.

Legacy Planning

Our Warren, New Jersey Estate Planning attorneys takes a holistic approach to Legacy Planning that takes into consideration a broad range of concerns. We work with our clients to ensure the preservation of their personal legacy. Your legacy consists of more than your financial assets. Your non-financial assets include heirlooms, stories, and accumulated wisdom and life lessons. Our Warren, New Jersey Estate Planning attorneys can include provisions in your Estate Planning documents to preserve your legacy. Learn more about including provisions in your Estate Planning documents by attending a free Estate Planning Seminar.

The Time to Plan is Now

Estate Planning is about having the ability to make your own decisions at a time when you are legally able to make them. Contact one of our Warren, New Jersey Estate Planning attorneys today for more information, and make informed decisions about how your estate will be managed and your family cared for in any situation. You can also download one of our many free Estate Planning Articles.

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